Misomber Nuan is a label that crafts unconventional ideology with precise workmanship of tailoring and the emotional representation of garment itself. The label has a distinctive aesthetic of minimalism with hidden elements and cuts, often surprising our audience with our sense of modish elegance.

The Brand is established in late 2008 and in 2009, the collection is first retailed in Berlin and then the rest of Europe/Asia.


The interpretation of the Label is a combination of MISOMBER, a word composed by the veiled presence of the designer himself to present an attribute of solemnity and strength, which he provokes to connect with the audience in his creation.

NUAN is part of designer name and it means to define shine and glow. It is this connection that celebrates the design of the collection.

Defining SELF

SELF # is a conceptual idea curated by the designer himself, to define and empower a set of behavior in every collection produced, similar to distinguish a human awareness and thoughts.